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Halogen Floor Lamps

  • Never place materials such as clothing and towels on top of a halogen torchiere lamp (a torchiere has an exposed lightbulb on top of the fixture, directing the light to the ceiling). Although halogen bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, they burn much hotter.

  • Never place a halogen torchiere near an open window where a strong breeze could blow curtains onto the lamp bulb.

  • Never use halogen torchiere lamps in children's bedrooms or playrooms.

  • Don't use a bulb higher than 300 watts in you halogen torchiere lamp.

  • Avoid leaving high-wattage (more than 100 watts) halogen lamps on when you leave the room or when you are not at home.

  • Never touch a halogen bulb with bare fingers. Even a bulb that has been turned off for several hours can burn you, and your skin oils will damage the bulb.