Stuarts Draft Volunteer Fire Co.

Escape Plan

  • Plan at least two ways out of each room in case one is blocked.

  • Keep an escape ladder on the upper floors of your house. Make sure it is long enough to reach the ground and strong enough to hold your heaviest family member.

  • Sleep with bedroom doors closed. This slows the spread of fire and could give you a few extra minutes to escape in the event of a home fire.

  • Practice evacuation with the whole family. It isn't enough to talk about your escape plan, you need to reherse it until everyone knows exactly what they should do. Set off the smoke alarm so everyone knows what is sounds like. Practice crawling to an exit and be sure your children understand they should never hide in the house during a fire.

  • Designate a well-lit meeting place, away from traffic, where all family members can meet in case of fire to ensure that everyone is out of danger.

  • Choose someone to guide and take care of small children, elderly parents or any family members who can not get out on their own.